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Fandom: Naruto
Characters: Haruno Sakura, Hatake Kakashi
Rating/Status: PG / 499 words, complete
Timeline: Future fic, probably 2-3 years after The Strongest
Summary: They left her behind, and she finds herself living the lives of the dead.

Author's Notes: A stand-alone sequel-ish thing in the same universe as The Strongest, though I didn't originally intend to write anything of the sort. Somehow, my brain started brewing a ton of "Where Sakura Goes From Here" type of scenes. A couple of them morphed into Terribly Monstrous Things, none of which I'm able to tackle at the moment... so I compromised with this, to shut my brain up. It may or may not eventually serve as backstory to one of the aforementioned Terribly Monstrous Things, but I suppose it's irrelevant anyway as this stands on its own.

Paths of Deaths )
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Fandom: Naruto
Characters: Haruno Sakura, Team 7
Rating/Status: PG/PG-13 for blood / 404 words, complete
Timeline: Future fic for confrontation between Team 7. No spoilers.
Summary: Sakura became the strongest just for them and for this moment, but sometimes even that isn't enough.

Author's Notes: This was completely inspired from reading the latest Naruto manga chapters 305-306, but there are no spoilers. It's a future snapshot so it's purely made up. Finished within 15 minutes... but it's angst so it takes me faster to write. :p The style makes it kind of choppy though, and it's also the first time I wrote something using present tense. I might build around it later?

The Strongest )


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