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Perhaps it's because Pictures on the Wall is a story I've never had anyone to really talk to about, I'm always fretting over it - monstrous thing of doom that it is. That's a decade of fretting, I just realized. :P But I have lots of thoughts about the fic, because, well, it's rather impossible not have any for a story I spent so many years mulling over.

That said, I've decided to go ahead and begin re-posting revisions for the story. More than anything, this is to prevent me from editing the revisions any further. It was my original intention to get at least half the story revised before I begin posting, but I'm beginning to realize that I'll never stop fiddling with them if I don't put it out for the public - and I've been fiddling for years. Yes, years. And the versions only got worse, not better. Enough is enough, me thinks. ._.

Chapter 1 Notes - on revision, Eitoku, and general thoughts. )
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My definition of Art Fic - words inspired by pictures, be it fanart, official art, photos, or original art. A writer’s version of fangirling over a picture - that's how I see it anyway. :p

I created a Tumblr to do this (now including a couple other writers as well). Basically, I write (very) short snippets for a picture - more details at Art Fic's about page. Since I'm hoping to keep this journal as complete as possible in terms of my online writing, I'll be posting them here too.

Note: They will all be pretty short (ranging from as little as one line up to about drabble-length or so), and will mostly be no plot. A glorified caption fanfic if you will. But they're such fun to do! :)


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