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Placeholder, not finished. This list is a work in progress. Figured I should finally have one of these things. Personal faves are starred (or they will be when I'm done with this...)

Long/chaptered fics that have been deleted for good:

I'm very sorry if you've come looking for info on where these particular fics went. For various reasons, they have been long deleted and will never be made available again in any form whatsoever. I'm very flattered and grateful to have people still ask about these after so many years, but if you're an old reader of mine and have me on alerts or was a part of my ML, please do feel free to unsubscribe!

- Imprinted
- Return to Yesterday
- The Feelings Within


Publicly Available Fics - Sorted by Fandom & Publish Date

Ao Haru Ride

Tomorrow's Wish - AO3 link
Tanaka Youichi, Murao Shuuko / 439 words / PG

Tonight's Tears - AO3 link
Makita Yuuri / 274 words / PG

Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist)

Blindly Seeing - AO3 link
Okumura Rin, Okumura Yukio / 686 words / PG

Hana Yori Dango (Boys Before Flowers)

Pictures on the Wall - Story Index on DW
Original Cast / WIP longfic / PG-13, possibly higher for mature themes

Harry Potter

Of Waning Hope - link
Draco/Ginny / 4265 words / PG - (Very very old; I do not recommend this...)

Hikaru no Go

Shadows - AO3 link
Touya Akira, Shindou Hikaru, Fujiwara no Sai / 580 words/ G


Cycles of Destiny - link
Sesshoumaru/Kagome / WIP longfic / PG-13 - (Status: in-limbo, check here)

Kuroko no Basuke (Kuroko's Basketball)

20 Things Mitobe Doesn't Say - AO3 link
Mitobe Rinnosuke, Koganei Shinji, Seirin Cast / 1126 words / PG

Girls, Kind of - AO3 link
Kise Ryouta/Aida Riko / 359 words / PG

* Love, Iron, and Basketball - AO3 link
Kiyoshi Teppei / 1392 words / PG-13

Professionalism, Except Not Really - AO3 link
Kasamatsu Yukio, Kise Ryouta / 216 words / PG
Professionalism, Except Not Really - Take Two - DW link only
Kasamatsu Yuko/Kise Ryouta / 275 words / PG

In Your Shoes - Tumblr link
Aomine Daiki, Kuroko Tetsuya / 271 words / PG-13 - (I really do not recommend this.)


Just Ren and Nana - AO3 link
Honjou Ren/Oosaki Nana / 625 words / PG


Defining Moments - AO3 link
Shikamaru/Temari / 325 words / PG
A Moment Stolen - AO3 link
Shikamaru/Temari / 606 words / PG)
Knickers - AO3 link
Shikamaru/Temari / 431 words / PG-13 / Dialogue only
Revaluation - AO3 link
Shikamaru/Temari / 798 words / PG
The Strongest + Paths of Deaths - link
Haruno Sakura, Hatake Kakashi, Team 7 / 903 words / PG-13
Simply Unspoken - link
Kiba/Hanabi / 2413 words / PG-13
A Worth Beyond - AO3 link
Gaara, Kankurou / 100 words / PG
Sand Speak - AO3 link
Gaara/Sakura / 500 words / PG
The Paradigm of Understanding - link
Kiba/Hanabi / Incomplete WIP / PG-13 - (Status: Not entirely abandoned yet...)
Destiny Freely Chosen - AO3
Hyuuga Neji / 265 words / PG-13 / Deathfic
Residue of Control - AO3 link
Gaara / 214 words / PG-13
Nara Men - AO3 link
Shikamaru/Temari, Nara Yoshino / 207 words / PG
The Mirror of Erised - AO3 link
Hatake Kakashi, Team 7 / 100 words / PG
Bluntly Sane - AO3 link
Mitarashi Anko / 100 words / PG
Shades of Hero

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