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Professionalism, it appears, is overrated where Kise is concerned. It's like déjà vu, really. In short, this is Version 2 of Professionalism, Except Not Really. PG / 275 words, complete.

I initially attempted to write another version that wasn't as crackish as the first one in hopes of getting it to fit into that long fic I wanted to write... except it turned out practically the same. So here it is too, for archival purposes. It follows pretty much the same formula; the two may as well be identical.

Applicable prompts: [ profile] 500themes #344. Hold still, I'm trying to kill you.

Professionalism, Except Not Really - Take Two

Yukio chose the aisle seat because he hates tripping over knees and troubling people when he has to go to the bathroom. The fact that he'll be that much closer to the exits is just a perk. Either way, he's not actually nervous about the storm clouds that's supposedly up ahead, because surely, that's got to be pretty common? Besides, the odds of a plane going down is something like 1 in 11 million or something like that, isn't it?

Or at least he hopes those are still the odds with Kise flying the plane.

He tucks his shoulder in as the flight attendants move up and down the aisle making sure everyone is seated and belted in. That is, until one stops right next to his seat, face flushed and smiling in a way that makes him decidedly uncomfortable.

"Kasamatsu Yukio-san?"

"Uh… yes."

"I see," she says and her smile widens, though he's not sure what she's seeing exactly. She then hands him a folded piece of paper and gushes out, "This is for you then."

Yukio frowns. Are flight attendants these days so unprofessional as to pass notes to passengers now? He takes the paper with a scowl, and thankfully, she moves on down the aisle to where her own seat seems to be.

Senpai! Don't worry about the turbulence! I'll get you to Hawaii safely!

He crushes the note in his fist — hastily scrawled hearts and all — and barely registers the way the plane rocks up and down moments later.

A ship. That's what Yukio is going to take back to Japan, most preferably after he drowns Kise in the ocean.

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