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Fandom: Kuroko no Basuke
Characters: Kiyoshi Teppei
Genre: Gen, Drama, kinda Angst
Rating/Status: PG-13 / 1,392 words, complete
Warning: References background info that hasn't shown up in the 1st season of the anime so it could be spoilerish for non-manga readers.
Summary: The first time he tells you basketball is fun, his words are so full of enthusiasm you can’t help but marvel at it. (2nd person POV)

Author's Note: Written for [ profile] basketballpoetsociety's "Basketball" challenge on Tumblr during the Amnesty round.

Love, Iron, and Basketball )
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Fandom: Kuroko no Basuke
Characters: Mitobe Rinnosuke, Koganei Shinji, Seirin
Genre: Gen, Friendship
Rating/Status: PG / 1126 words, complete
Summary: These are the things you won't hear from Mitobe. But it actually isn't technically correct, that bit about no one at Seirin having ever heard Mitobe's voice. Some time during his first year, he opens his mouth once and a stuttered 'ah' pops out, very quietly.

Author's Note: Written for [ profile] basketballpoetsociety's "20 Things" challenge on Tumblr. First hack at writing for Kurobasu, hopefully not the last.

20 Things Mitobe Doesn't Say )
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Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Draco/Ginny
Rating/Status: G / 4265 words, complete
Timeline: End of Draco's 5th year and Ginny's 4th year; OotP
Summary: In the wake of his father's arrest, Draco lets go of certain things and Ginny realizes that some things are irreparable.

Author's Notes: I think it may have been one of my beginning fanfics. A first stab at writing a oneshot type of story. A first stab at writing a Harry Potter fic. A first stab at writing Draco/Ginny. Yep, many firsts. :P

Of Waning Hope )
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Fandom: Naruto
Characters: Kiba/Hanabi (plus Team 8 and Hyuuga Hiashi)
Rating/Status: PG / 2413 words, complete
Timeline: Undefined future, no spoilers.
Summary: Hanabi hated his confident grins, the loud and obnoxious way that he talked. Yet, still, she watches him quietly from the shadows.

Author's Notes: This was finished on 12/11/2006 for [ profile] 20_truths, but the claim hasn't been approved yet so I'm just posting it here for now. My first try for a "20 truths" type of fic, and also my first Kiba/Hanabi fic. It's a pretty obscure pairing, but I wanted to give something different a try. It's probably also the closest thing to "fluff" that I know how to write, though I'm not sure it can even be called that. All 20 truths are connected to form a story.

Simply Unspoken )


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