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If you've come here looking for Pictures on the Wall fanart, they're all in this post

General progress and fic status are detailed over here.

On locked (members only) posts:

Generally, my "finished" drafts are not locked (ongoing or one-shots), so if that's all you're interested in, subscribing instead of joining will be what you want.

I lock everything else I deem not yet ready for the general public, mainly WIP bits. This ranges from random snippets that may or may not end up in a final draft somewhere, plot bunnies I'm testing out, to previews or revisions of my ongoing fics that I'm working on but don't want to make available for the general public until further notice. WIP ideas and notes may pop up, but I reckon those I'd end up posting at my personal journal under filter.

In short, my locked "members only" posts are probably a lot more rough and spammy than the public ones. If you think you'd want to read these, then just join the community. Introducing yourself would be lovely, but not largely required. It's just nice to have at least some idea of who you are and where you popped by from.

On transformative work and general policies:

Fanart are always super loved, no need to ask! Translations, no permission required, but please link back to the original work. I also give blanket permission for remixes, spin-offs, and other extensions of my finished work. For ongoing multi-chapter fics, I'd appreciate it if you could check with me first though. And of course, linking back to the original work would be nice, and I'd always love to know if you've done some kind of transformative work on my fics.

Re: archiving: Please do not re-archive any of my work elsewhere (a link to them is completely fine though).

Re: warnings: I generally don't warn for character death, especially when I think it spoils the fic itself. If this bothers you and you really want to know if a particular fic includes character death, just ask and I'll get back to you ASAP. I do, however, try to warn for spoilers and whatever stuff people usually warn about.


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